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At STERN Law, We Believe…

We believe you are so much more than the worst thing you (may) have done.
We believe that no human being is illegal…and that you are not an outsider.
We believe that where there’s human will, there’s a way…and there’s a better way together.
We believe in knowing our neighbors.
We believe in celebrating holidays, births, weddings and graduations with family near and far, old and new.
We believe kids should be driven to school by their parents and know they’ll be there when they get home.
We believe that your spirit is the American spirit.
We believe that living doesn’t happen in the shadows … and that it’s time to step into the light.

STERN Law’s Core Values

We Change The Narrative And Fight Negative Stereotypes.
We See You At Eye-Level, With Respect And Without Judgment.
We Bridge The Gaps Between Us.
We Don’t Take “No” For An Answer.

STERN Law’s Mission

At STERN Law, we relentlessly defend your American Dream. The government will try its best to detain or deport those it considers unworthy. But when you decide to stand up and show the world what you’re made of, we fight proudly to help you secure your permanent place here in the United States.

We Defend the American Dream®

Estamos aquí para protegerlo

Es intimidante entrar a un tribunal o a un edificio gubernamental, en el cuál su libertad y sus derechos están en riesgo. Es difícil entender el proceso legal y los derechos que usted tiene. Ayudamos a nuestros clientes a entender completamente su situación y le proporcionamos la confianza de saber que tiene un equipo legal de expertos, comprometidos a ayudar y a lograr buenos resultados.

Si se siente confundido, solo o juzgado por el sistema, permita que STERN Law le sirva de consejero de confianza.

Construya su carrera con nosotros

Las carreras en STERN Law están orientadas al equipo y proporcionan la oportunidad de crecimiento profesional, éxito y satisfacción, sabiendo que proporcionamos representación enfocada en el cliente y ayudamos a nuestros clientes a ser libres y permanecer con sus familias.

Nuestra reputación se construyó sobre una clara visión a largo plazo, nuestros principios fundamentales y nuestra misión como equipo. Hay una mejor manera de tratar a las personas, independientemente de dónde hayan nacido, de los errores que hayan cometido o del lado de la frontera en el que viven actualmente.

  • Anulación de expulsión/deportación y concesión de residencia legal permanente

    D.O. es un ciudadano colombiano. La esposa de D.O. depende mucho de él. Ella fue víctima de violencia doméstica en su matrimonio anterior, y sufre de ansiedad, depresión y trastorno de estrés postraumático. D.O. ha tratado a los hijos de ella como si fueran su propia familia, y han creado un negocio juntos en Georgia. Este negocio se vendió…
  • Criminal Conviction Eliminated & Admissible for Green Card

    C.M. has been in the U.S. since 12 years old from Jamaica. He has spent decades pursuing a passion for photography and uses it as a tool to strengthen his community. Throughout his youth, he was convicted of two separate misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions. This made him deportable without any chance to...
  • Felony Offense Dismissed & Avoided Deportation

    Our client’s son, H.S., faced absolute deportation until she found STERN Law. We fought to successfully dismiss the felony drug charges, secured his release from jail and worked tirelessly to convince the Department of Homeland Security to grant him Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Thanks to our efforts, H.S. avoided ICE...
  • Secured U.S. Citizenship & Passport

    D.E. was born in the United States to a mother from Ghana. He had traveled back and forth as a child, but spent all of his adult life in the states. An exciting job opportunity required him to travel internationally, and so he applied for a U.S. passport as any other citizen....
  • Approved for U.S. Citizenship

    Meet our client, Ms. Sook Lee, now Angela Lee. She is Korean-American and now has U.S. Citizenship. Her biological father (whom she never knew) was a U.S. Army soldier. She has loved America ever since and was determined to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. Here she is, after she passed the civics...
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