*Bilingual* Intake Specialist



* Only those who pay attention to specific application instructions will receive response.*


* Only those who pay attention to specific application instructions will receive response.*

This is NOT a paralegal or legal assistant role, but rather a sales-based position.


We are an Atlanta-based CrImmigration (immigration + criminal defense) law firm 100% committed to the defense of non-U.S. citizens. Our clients face a pending criminal matter, deportation, or wish to pursue a family-based immigration status opportunity. Our reputation was built on a clear long-term vision, our core principles, and our mission together as a team.

There is a better way to treat people, regardless of where they were born, mistakes they have made, or on which side of the border they live today.

Core Values[1]:

  • We change the narrative and fight negative stereotypes.
  • We see you at eye-level, with respect and without judgment.
  • We bridge the gaps between us.
  • We don’t take “no” for an answer.

What We Believe:

-We believe you are so much more than the worst thing you (may) have done.

-We believe that no human being is illegal…and that you are not an outsider.

-We believe that where there’s human will, there’s a way…and there’s a better way together.

-We believe in knowing our neighbors.

-We believe in celebrating holidays, births, weddings and graduations with family near and far, old and new.

-We believe kids should be driven to school by their parents and know they’ll be there when they get home.

-We believe that your spirit is the American spirit.

-We believe that living doesn’t happen in the shadows…and that it’s time to step into the light.

Our Mission

At STERN Law, we relentlessly defend your American Dream. The government will try its best to detain or deport those it considers unworthy. But when you decide to stand up and show the world what you’re made of, we fight proudly to secure your permanent place here in the United States.


Careers at STERN Law are team-oriented and provide the opportunity for professional growth, success and satisfaction knowing that we provide client-centered representation and help our clients to be free and remain with their families. We are expanding our reach to now help more people, and need a committed Intake Specialist for our team.

This is NOT a paralegal or legal assistant role, but rather a sales-based position.

Summary of what you are going to do:

  • Answer and return phone calls promptly with potential new client (PNC) leads
  • Follow up promptly with PNCs by phone, email web inquiry, etc
  • Schedule/coordinate all events (large & small) with PNCs
  • Explain and coordinate necessary documents for PNCs to provide
  • Etc.

Requiredqualities of who we want for this job:*

  • Brains, creativity, and integrity.
  • 100% Bilingual in Spanish with written and oral fluency (Spanish spoken and written every day)
  • Sales experience
  • You love answering and making phone calls.
  • You LOVE to keep score.
  • You enjoy helping people figure out what problems they have that we can solve.
  • You don’t have to ask how to use: a Mac computer, a blog, an online calendar, Word, or Excel, or Outlook mail (and we mean know more than how to open the program).
  • You like focusing on the GOAL of a project or mission.
  • You understand why it’s important to have a responsible, knowledgeable and caring attorney.
  • You can greet potential clients with a sincere and warm smile, even on your “bad days.”
  • You have good grammar skills, present professionally at all times, and you can see how our mission as a firm will help you achieve your personal goals.
  • You’re comfortable talking about money and its value.
  • Available to work overtime as needed. Rare evenings and weekends may be required.
  • United States work authorization
  • Excellent references (yes, we actually do check).

We are less concerned with how many years of experience you have, than we are with how many experiences you have gained and mastered during those years.

Bonus experiences you might have:

  • 1+ year of phone sales
  • Experience with CRM, CMS programs, online billing, and WordPress
  • Knowledge of multi-line phone systems and multi-user calendars

Benefits include:

  • Competitive salary & benefits
  • PTO and paid holidays
  • Direct face-to-face work with some of the best clients in the U.S.A (really, they are awesome!)
  • Appreciation for work-life balance and team culture
  • Being a big fish in a small pond
  • Being on the cutting edge of shaping legal industry and quality of client representation

TO APPLY:**Send an email to hr @ es.sternlawfirm.us* * with your last name written backwards in the subject line with the title of the position, and attach your resume in .pdf format.


Full-time (preferred): Exempt position of 40 hours per week. Occasional nights/weekends as required.

Part-time (if needed): 20 + hours per week, with intention for full-time when availability allows.

[1] Internal Team Values:

  • We welcome and plan for change.
  • We aren’t afraid to fail; we just don’t fail the same way twice.
  • When we are our best selves, we do our best work.
  • Continuous attention to adding value in the client experience enhances trust in the law and client empowerment. (code of conduct)
  • We are personable, yet always professional.
  • We support one another with whatever it takes to best serve our clients.
  • We’re agile.
  • We believe our ability to quickly respond to change is a source of improvement for our clients and a competitive advantage.

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