This Client’s Criminal Drug Charges Didn’t Stop Him From Staying In The U.S.

When Eric’s family first came to the United States from Taiwan in 2003, they had hopes of achieving the American Dream. The U.S. represented endless opportunities for them.

Eric was fortunate to grow up in America without having to fear deportation because his parents had taken all of the necessary steps to secure their place in this country, as Legal Permanent Residents. However, his security began to shift once he got into some trouble with drugs and law enforcement in middle school.

As he grew older, he surrounded himself with a bad crowd and continued to get into legal trouble. He became a repeat offender and eventually, it resulted in multiple felony drug charges, which are deportable offenses. He was unsure of his future in the U.S. as an immigrant facing criminal charges.

Eric’s legal status was in jeopardy, and he knew it. He spiraled into a dark place and was fearful of where he would end up if he continued down the path he was on. He truly believed his criminal charges were going to get him kicked out of the country. This wasn’t the person who his parents raised him to be.

When Eric thought he had nowhere to turn and was desperate for help, his mother convinced him to contact STERN Law after one of her customer’s recommended our services. He truly believed his case was impossible, but with STERN Law’s help, he was able to stay in the United States.

After participating in a drug court program, he realized the severity of his past mistakes and believes he has become a better person. Eric has set life goals he wants to achieve, like working in aviation on airplanes.

He attributes a large part of his newfound success to contacting STERN Law and encourages anyone who is in a situation similar to what he went through to seek legal help. Eric shows other immigrants who are facing criminal charges that are considered deportable offenses that there is hope for your case. It isn’t as impossible as you may believe, when you have a dedicated and compassionate legal advocate.

Legal Immigrants Suffer Serious Consequences When They Face Criminal Convictions

As Eric’s case illustrates, even if you are in the United States legally, you can face serious consequences if you are convicted of a criminal allegation. Just because you have lawful status, it doesn’t mean you are exempt from being deported. All immigrants can face removal and revocation of their permanent residence status if they violate U.S. immigration laws, through violating criminal laws.

There are many ways immigrants with legal residency can become deportable, known as “deportable offenses”. These deportable offenses trigger removal proceedings in immigration court. Certain criminal convictions are considered deportable offenses.

Some of these deportable offenses include:

  • Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT)
  • Aggravated Felony (AF)
  • Crimes of Domestic Violence, Stalking, Violation of Protection Order, and Child Abuse (often misdemeanors)
  • Controlled Substance Offenses
  • Certain Firearm Offenses
  • Other Deportable Offenses listed within INA § 237(a)(2) subsections A through F.

Are You A Non-U.S. Citizen Facing Criminal Charges?

Are you an immigrant with legal residency or temporary visa, but you are facing criminal charges? Are you afraid these deportable offenses could result in your removal from the U.S? There is no need to panic. As Eric’s story shows us, there is hope. You can still fight to protect your rights.

Not every case is the same. The specific details of what constitutes a deportable offense is based on longstanding laws, implementation of new policies, as well as the individual situation. Your case isn’t hopeless. There are steps you can take to protect yourself from losing your green card or other serious consequences in immigration court.

The most important step is to acquire legal counsel who can give you a full analysis of your case and help you figure out how to proceed. It is critical you have a lawyer who fully understands both the criminal and immigration process throughout your entire criminal case.

Are You An Undocumented Immigrant Facing Criminal Charges?

If you are not in the United States legally and have been arrested for a deportable offense, you are probably scared for your future. You are in danger of losing any chance of becoming a U.S. citizen and it feels like your American Dream is slipping away. You are probably confused and unsure of what to do next.

There is no need to panic yet. Your future in this country may be in jeopardy because of your criminal charges, but that doesn’t mean it is gone forever. There are steps immigrants can take to defend against deportable offenses in immigration court.


Here are 5 things non-U.S. citizens with criminal charges should know:

  • The same information a U.S. citizen with a criminal charge knows
  • Paying fine or receiving probation = a conviction
  • Even if you’re guilty, there’s room for an attorney to help
  • Never miss a court date
  • Your criminal defense lawyer is required to tell you if you’ll be deported.

You need a lawyer who specializes in criminal law and immigration law to help you with your case. Be careful before you make a decision about what to do in your criminal case, whether it’s paying a bond or otherwise, until you talk to an experienced CrImmigration attorney.

STERN Law Can Help!

We know you want to hire the best possible legal counsel for your immigration case. Your future in this country is at stake, and you want to protect it. As Eric’s case illustrates, STERN Law has an impressive track record of winning cases for immigrants facing criminal charges.

We can help if you’ve been arrested, charged, or convicted of these criminal offenses:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Assault or battery including domestic violence
  • Drug possession or distribution (marijuana or felony drugs)
  • Theft or shoplifting
  • Sexual assault, rape, or child molestation
  • Prostitution or socilication offenses
  • Murder or other violent charges
  • Any traffic, misdemeanor, or felony charges

We have a team dedicated to the representation of immigrants facing both criminal and immigration consequences. At STERN Law, you will receive consistent and accurate advice regarding the impact on your immigration status from the very start.

If you are an immigrant who has been arrested or charged with a crime and are afraid it could affect your immigration status, contact us today. STERN Law will relentlessly fight to defend your American Dream.

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